41 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

AMZPPC #113: Ad Badger's Amazon SEO Guide Part 3: Into the Strike Zone

You’ve been working in the shadows, building your strength, and indexing for boatloads of keywords. Now, it’s time to go on the offensive and score those top 10 organic spots. By hyper-focusing your listings, you’ll start to rake in those organic conversions.

We’re once again joined by Steven Pope from My Amazon Guy as we dive into the late game of Amazon SEO.

We’ll see you in The Badger Den!


1:05 Intro

4:37 Amazon SEO Late Game

10:30 Strike Zone Keywords

14:45 Matriculation

16:09 Ranking (Find KWs in the Strike Zone)

22:15 Phase 3 SEO Best Practices

29:48 What to Look For

31:35 Removing Old Keywords

38:37 Closing Thoughts & What’s Next

Links & Resources

All our episodes and show notes are available at https://www.adbadger.com/podcast

Ad Badger Version 2: https://www.adbadger.com/pricing/

My Amazon Guy: https://www.myamazonguy.com/

My Amazon Guy Phase 3 SEO: https://myamazonguy.com/search-term-optimization-phase-3-strike-zone/

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