46 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

AMZPPC #112: Ad Badger’s Amazon SEO Guide Part 2: The Midgame

Last week, we covered what to do when just getting started in Amazon SEO. Once you’ve gotten off the ground, how do you keep that momentum going, index for even more keywords, and become a powerful organic player in your category? It’s all here in Phase 2 of your Amazon SEO journey.  Steven Pope from My Amazon Guy joins us again to talk about the midgame of Amazon SEO and how to get those incremental indexing gains.  

We’ll see you in The Badger Den!  


1:05 Intro 

7:15 Amazon SEO Mid-game 

12:21 Pink Word Update 

26:55 Parentage 

37:22 A+ content 

42:34 Closing Thoughts & What’s Next 

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All our episodes and show notes are available at https://www.adbadger.com/podcast 

Ad Badger Version 2: https://www.adbadger.com/pricing/ 

My Amazon Guy: https://www.myamazonguy.com/ 

My Amazon Guy Phase 2 SEO Guide: https://myamazonguy.com/search-term-optimization-phase-2-pink-copy/ 

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