22 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

Keith Bailey on Unintentional Audience Abuse

This episode is the continuation of a two-part conversation with master storyteller and coach Keith Bailey. If you have not already listened to “Keith Bailey and the Bottomless Story Well,” I urge you to find that episode and listen to how he drew out of me a story I had never told before that moment. As we continue, you will hear the conversation shift more toward the science of how we perceive stories and why they are an important tool for anyone with quantitative information to share.

Keith mentions the late Professor Patrick Winston, longtime director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and his work on how we perceive and respond to stories. You can read Keith’s full blog post (which links to Prof. Winston’s video) here.

You can reach Keith by email using keithbailey (at) stage-coaching.com, or visit his website at https://www.articulated-intelligence.com/.

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