69 minutes | Aug 14, 2020

Postpartum Body Image, Diet Culture, and How Reclaiming Your Voice Changes Everything with Dana Barron

Warning: If you love the patriarchy, and celebrate dieting and body shaming, this is NOT the episode for you.

“It would be one thing if spending our time and money to be thin and beautiful actually worked... but if you’ve ever been on a diet and reached your goal weight and you *still* hated yourself when you looked in the mirror you understand: it doesn’t work.” - DB

This conversation with Dana Barron from Wellness Lately digs deep into the co-opting of “wellness”, the patriarchy, how we are culturally conditioned as children to self silence our intuition, and how all that shows up in full force during postpartum.

Dana shares her journey into motherhood, and how doing the work of healing her relationship with herself, with food, and finding her voice was key in softening the blow that is the unsupported postpartum journey in America. But even she, a holistic health coach and intuitive eating enthusiast, didn’t get through postpartum unscathed.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this.

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