78 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

The Mob and Ethnic Identity: Special Guest Gangster Ori Spado || The Positive Identity Podcast Series

We all know and love the movies of the Mafia. From The Godfather, to Goodfellas, those Italian guys and the ways they fought the system, took out their rivals as they rose to the top and came together as family struck a cord for Americans everywhere.But many of these guys came together for nefarious reasons and what tied them together was the ways they had affinity not just in their ethnic identity, but in the dark moral decisions that forced them to remain as a family.In this episode The Accidental Gangster, Ori Spado, comes in to talk about his time first hand in the world of crime as he did work in Hollywood for some of the most powerful families in America. It's through Ori's history we come to understand the many ways that we're drawn together and pulled apart and most importantly, how we get out of life of evil to find your humanity again."Positive Identity: It's another week where we tell you inspiring and positive stories of people of different races doing good things for each other and the world. Then from there, we become better people and learn more how to make the world better for everyone."
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