59 minutes | Mar 31st 2021

Stop Asian Hate || The Positive Identity Podcast Series

Positive Identity's mission is to see the good in everyone when it comes to race. Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latin, Native, Mixed and White. We believe in the value you have and what you bring to America.Yet Asian hate has skyrocketed recently statistically, and with the Atlanta shootings and the constant videos of Asian-Americans being attacked, at Positive Identity Ron & Stephen want to address it. For many of the Asian community, they feel alone and isolated by a society that has let anti-asian violence and bigotry fester and finally society is doing something about it. For Ron & Stephen, they do what they do best. By talking about the good the Asian community has done, how Asian-Americans have inspired and helped them, and how we can be of service and help our friends in the Asian community.These monsters won't define us. We won't let them. Instead we'll see the best of each other and take action to make us greater."Positive Identity: It's another week where we tell you inspiring and positive stories of people of different races doing good things for each other and the world. Then from there, we become better people and learn more how to make the world better for everyone."
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