56 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

Ron Becomes a Father || The Positive Identity Podcast Series

What brings together a Gen X gay Black guy who believes in energy guiding our world, and a Gen Z White guy just entering adulthood?That is the question that Stephen finds out about when Ron talks about Lucas, a kid he knew as a baby who has grown up to become a man but even more... a son to him. This episode wan't expected or planned, but after Ron helped Lucas prepare to move out of the house and into adulthood during Thanksgiving weekend Ron couldn't help himself to talk about what this meant to him. It became something that even started to bring tears to our eyes as Ron talked about the intensity of what Lucas meant to him. Even though Ron and Lucas are very different, the power of love becomes something that transcends even our very nature."Positive Identity: It's another week where we tell you inspiring and positive stories of people of different races doing good things for each other and the world. Then from there, we become better people and learn more how to make the world better for everyone."
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