61 minutes | Apr 8th 2021

Hope, Healing and Love with Jonaral Martin || The Positive Identity Podcast Series

Ever feel like you're trapped in your career, your life and you look at the world and want to make a change?Ever feel like you're not good enough, the world has been filled with too much dysfunction and that you're too small to do it.Jonaral Martin once felt like that. But he decided to make a change. To make a change to do something truly good for society.  In this episode we follow Jonaral's journey from unknown actor to running Hope, Healing and Love to learn how we can make a change in the world. No matter who we are, or what we do."Positive Identity: It's another week where we tell you inspiring and positive stories of people of different races doing good things for each other and the world. Then from there, we become better people and learn more how to make the world better for everyone."
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