68 minutes | Jan 24th 2021

Resident Evil Village – Release Date, Gameplay, & Lady Dumitrescu | For The Players –The PopC PlayStation Podcast EP187

0:00 The Man Shake
0:18 Intro Music
0:36 Intro
1:49 Max isn’t in the studio!
2:14 How have we been?
3:07 2021 Get Less Fat Update
6:11 What have we been playing?
6:16 Hitman III first impressions
15:39 Inform The Players (this week in PlayStation news)
15:50 Cyberpunk 2077 is “biggest digital launch of any game ever.”
18:33 Resident Evil Village Showcase – Release date, gameplay, and Lady Dumitrescu
28:19 Resident Evil Village “Maiden” Demo impressions
35:39 Resident Evil 4 Remake rumoured updates
40:06 Vicarious Visions is absorbed into Blizzard
43:50 Bugsnax could be getting DLC
46:09 Ubisoft crossovers
48:39 Sony’s Secret Studio – what is it working on?
55:35 QUICKBITS – Metal Gear Solid voice cast get into a big Zoom call, AC Valhalla has broken facial animations, Hitman 3 had it’s biggest digital launch in franchise history, Microsoft bump up their prices, Terminator to join Fortnite, Uncharted movie delayed in 2022, Horizon Zero Dawn PC support is stopped, and Sony Santa Monica are seeking roles for new IP.
1:02:21 Top 10 Best Selling PS4 games in Australia (week ending 17/1/2021)
1:03:32 New PlayStation releases
1:04:32 Wrap up
1:05:59 Outro
1:07:12 Outro music

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With over 40 years combined PlayStation gaming and over 5 years in games coverage, Ryan and Max felt that they would be perfect to throw their hats in the ring and join the greater PlayStation discussion. This weekly show will allow us to discuss the ins and outs of Sony’s hardware, software, and relationships.

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