78 minutes | Feb 11th 2018

The Thing starring Kurt Russell by John Carpenter [1982] (PCCD 05)

"We're gonna hide this recording when we're finished. If neither of us make it, at least there'll be some kind of record. The storm's been hitting us hard now for 48 hours. We still have so much to address... One other thing: We think this story rips through your delusions of being a good person when you really understand it. Jared found some shredded self-righteousness earlier but the name-tag was missing. It could be anybody's. Nobody... nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very tired.That's what happens when you're just out for yourself.  Nothing else we can do, just wait..." - Jared Moore and Jeff Wright, Hosts, The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast, US Outpost Number 31.  Follow The PCCD Pod on Twitter and Facebook! Website listeners can stream this episode on Stitcher here.
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