88 minutes | Apr 13, 2020

Onward from Pixar (PCCD 64)

We're back to take a long look at the latest from Pixar's hit-making factory, Onward. But, boy, is there a doozy of an episode even before we get there. Our So Sorry to Interrupt section on this episode (starting at 03:06 ) turned into a prolonged disagreement about application of Communion and Baptism in odd circumstances.  If you like the back-and-forth you can find that part starting at 22:39 and wrapping up at 31:12 Or you can skip it altogether to jump ahead to Whatcha' Watchin' at 31:24 and/or the review at 41:13. So let's get moving... dare we say, Onward?... on Ep. 64 of The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast!
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