61 minutes | Feb 11th 2018

Hostiles starring Christian Bale by Scott Cooper (PCCD 08)

The PCCD Pod is on Patheos now! Visit our new blog for episode companion pieces as well as analysis on subjects not covered in our audio content! Hostiles, the latest Christian Bale vehicle, may just be (in order of escalating significance): 1.  The best film of the year in the Western genre. 2. The movie with the most violent opening sequence of 2018. 3. The most Christian film released by secularists this year. Interested?  The hosts of Pop Culture Coram Deo will give you the kind of walk-through you need to decide if you can or should watch Hostiles and, if you do, how to find the true, good, and beautiful in the film while rejecting the false and idolatrous? Press that download button, press play, and let's talk about Scott Cooper's Hostiles! Connect with The PCCD Pod on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit! Give us a review on iTunes? Thanks in advance if so!
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