7 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

mM 20! | "On Sale" vs "For Sale"

What's the difference between "For Sale" and "On Sale"? And what about "Go on sale" vs "Be on sale"? Let's talk about it. Remember to head over to @PolyglottalPod on Twitter and Instagram after the episode to do a quick comprehension check (and then follow me)! Buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/angeliquevoices, or become a patron at patreon.com/angeliquevoices for early access to episodes and extra content! Leave a message on SpeakPipe or Anchor if you have a question or suggestion for future topics. Happy learning! SHOUTOUT TO MY NEW PATRONS: Kath and Mel!! Welcome! Music Used: - "Turtleneck" by TrackTribe - "Staycation" by Corbyn Kites Tags: Language, Learning, Sociolinguistics, English, On Sale, For Sale, Sale, Sell, Difference, Lesson
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