81 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

Housekeeping April 2021- BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER

One week out of the month we let off some steam by discussing current events! Booch admits he may have been too hard on 'Captain America and the Winter Soldier', but we are NOT hard enough on law enforcement!We fail to accomplish the insurmountable task of discussing recent expressions of White Supremacy, and discuss Joey Biden's first 100 days in office!Listen to us and rate/review on iTunes or Wherever you get your podcastsYouTubeFind us on twitter @PolitiPopPodFind us on Instagram @PolitiPopPodcastEmail us at PolitipopCast@gmail.comFind our Show notes and Sources at Politipoppodcast.wordpress.comSpecial thanks to all of our listeners and to Antonia Chava for logo design.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-politipop-podcast9815/donations
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