31 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

31 for 31: The Best of TPT & VP Debate Recap (#31)

Republicans, Democrats, partisans & wingnuts … There’s something for everyone in this special recap episode featuring favorite guests, moments and trades from our last 30 episodes. In the second half of the episode, Star Spangled Gamblers’ Pratik Chougule shares his post-VP debate analysis, as well as some trade ideas. TRENDS Our No-Fly Debate Zone Pratik Chougule Predicts a Wave TRADES Florida Blues Longshot, or EC Money? Follow Pratik Chogule on Twitter @pjchougule and hear him regularly on Star Spangled Gamblers   The Political Trade is brought to you by the award-winning Luckbox magazine.  Get your FREE 10-issue digital subscription: getluckbox.com/TPT Sign up for the TPT newsletter, ask questions and follow us: thepoliticaltrade.com Open your Predictit account with our promo code and we'll match the first $20 you invest: predictit.org/promo/TPT20 Follow us… TWITTER: @politicaltrader @luckboxmag FACEBOOK: @politicaltrader @luckboxmag INSTAGRAM: @tptpodcast @luckboxmag YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/31n1GJp Politicians in My Eyes, (Death, 1974) is the theme song of The Political Trade. Courtesy of Bank Robber Music.
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