55 minutes | Jul 15, 2020

240,000% Return!—He Turned $50 Into $120K (#22)

Longtime prediction market trader Travis Lloyd, known to PredictIt traders as "baselevel," brings more than just an impressive (and verified) tale of how he turned a $50 investment into $120,000. He also brings scotch! Travis shares some of his political insights, a trick he uses for achieving upwards of a third of his returns, why he's negative on negative risk and three trade ideas. TIPPLES Glenlivet 15, FEW Bourbon & Usquaebach's An Ard Ri TRENDS The Lincoln Project Goes Down-Ballot & Stone Commutes Home TACTICS Negative on Negative Risk & Trading the YES Side of Liquid Markets TRADES "Two-Cent Tammy" Returns to TPT in the Teens Strong Buy in the Maine Matchup: Collins v Gideon Flynn Clemency — Profit, Without Prediction THE LUCKBOX LOCKBOX Hint: Esper de Corpse The Political Trade is brought to you by the award-winning Luckbox magazine.  Get your FREE 10-issue digital subscription: getluckbox.com/TPT TPT newsletter, ask questions, follow us and give feedback and guest ideas: thepoliticaltrade.com Open your Predictit account with our promo code and we'll match the first $20 you invest: predictit.org/promo/TPT20 Take our listener survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3V6XFZX Follow us... TWITTER: @politicaltrader @luckboxmag FACEBOOK: @politicaltrader @luckboxmag INSTAGRAM: @tptpodcast @luckboxmag YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/31n1GJp
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