34 minutes | May 22nd 2020

THE POGLEY WOOD MURDERS Chapter 6: "The Useful Truncheon"

Travel back in time to 1937, where the sleepy Cornish villages of Pogley Wood and Morlington Hill are rocked by horrific murders in mysterious circumstances on a regular basis.
D.I.Caerphilley identifies the stiff on the railway line... but what is the identity of the other one in Lady Pogley's bush?
A full-cast audio drama by the 368 Theatre Company based on the long-running "Morlington Mysteries".

Cast: ABI HARRIS (Minerva Jerks, Lady Penelope, Dotty Dodger), MAX DAY (Sergeant Richard Dingle, Albert Jerks), RADLEY MASON (Constable Neville Knibblet, Gerald Glumpp), NIGEL FAIRS ( Inspector Arthur Sixpence, Charles Chapple), REBECCA CRINNION  (Betty Swallocks, Gertie Gussett)
with special guest star 

Written by Nigel Fairs
Post production and music by Nigel Fairs

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