23 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

Episode 6: Still here boys! Sorry for being lazy!

Allo guys and gals! Still here! We have been busy at ThePodocasts...lots of videos, new radio show on the Survival Circle Radio Network where you can hear yours truly every Monday night at 7 central time! Good times! I have been loving radio...it is like podcasting without the net...no editing! Once you say it, it's out there! Good times!Videos, still coming out and a bit more often now, can't seem to get enough of it. YouTube.com/ThepodocastsWhat I would love, just once, one time folks, one time, is to get anyone who listened to the podcast to go to the youtube channel and subscribe to it! I will keep doing podcasts, I do dig em, but I would love to say I leveraged it just once for a sub...lol.Cheers folks! Hope you enjoyed this one and it helped you pass 20 minutes of your day!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/Thepodocasts?fan_landing=true)
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