73 minutes | Jan 15th 2019

103: THE SM7B - Popularity, Noise, & First Mics

Have you thought about getting the *Shure SM7B? Does it seem like every podcaster is using this microphone or saving up to buy one? On this episode you'll hear the SM7B, learn some of its history and why it's an industry standard and a podcasting favorite. Why did I buy this microphone and should you get one? Let's dive into the SM7B and find out why I think it's the most used microphone in podcasting. Full writeup at thepodcastersstudio.com/103 Links mentioned: My podcasting classes on CreativeLive.com: The Gear You Need to Create a Podcast and How to Make Your Podcast Sound Great SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7(B) Story SM7B Output Level and Preamp Gain Specifications Multichannel CloudLifter iZotope RX Elements Version 7 Patreon which includes "Overheard", the Patron only podcast. Sign up to the TPS list and never lose contact with the show. I post lots of behind the scenes content and gear tests between regular content. Follow me at your favorite! Subscribe via YouTube TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM PATREON
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