79 minutes | Feb 9, 2017

The Podcast of Wisdom 53: Hell in a Handbasket

Hey there listeners, long time no speak. With the world quickly hurtling towards ninth circle of Hell (which is a pity as we’d much prefer the second or fifth), we thought that things couldn’t really get much worse… which makes for a perfect time to release another episode of The Podcast of Wisdom. Join Andrew & Coleman as they play catch-up with each other and discuss just what the heck they’ve been up to, such as: Watching The LEGO Batman Movie. Visiting The Toy Fair 2017. The upcoming Power Rangers Movie. Raging against Peppa Pig. Remembering the Rumble. Defending Batman v Superman. and more. http://thepalaceofwisdom.co.uk/Podcasts/TPoWPod/TPoW53.mp3   Thanks for listening to This fine episode of The Podcast of Wisdom. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes or RSS and stay up to date. If you’ve enjoyed this particular show, then please let us know by giving us some feedback in the comments, on iTunes, or wherever you can that’s available. Theme Tune ‘Garden Party’ created by blarsa
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