56 minutes | Jun 27, 2022

Ep 82 - Superman In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

The Superman In Concert event was one of the greatest nights of my life. On this podcast I share my review of the event and also share some recordings of my time in London. I couldn’t record whilst I was inside the Royal Albert Hall but I was able to record some of my initial thoughts and feelings about the night. The Superman in Concert has been postponed a few times over the last few years because of the pandemic but I’m so glad that this event finally happened because it felt like I was destined to be there with so many other superman fans and lovers of music and film. Since I found out about this event I’ve been working with the Royal Albert Hall to help promote it. To be there on the day when it finally happened, and to feel the excitement in the air, and to just witness everyone turn up in their Superman T-shirts, costumes and merchandise was a memory that I will never forget. That moment when everything was meant to be and the show was about to start has become a core memory. Thank you to every hero that made this night possible. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Anthony Gabriele, all the hard workers of the Royal Albert Hall and every audience member that filled the air with applause and gratitude. Thanks for listening to this episode of The Podcast Of Steel. If you liked this episode please me leave review, it really helps. Stay Super! Here is where you can find me online: Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheGeekOfSteel Podcast: https://linktr.ee/ThePodcastOfSteel Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheGeekOfSteel Website: http://TheGeekOfSteel.com YouTube: http://YouTube.com/TheGeekOfSteel
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