88 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

Ep 330 - Too Much Sun

On this, the last episode of our Outrageously Bad Eric Idle Film Season (pause for audience's sigh of relief), we talk about Too Much Sun, a Robert Downey Sr. movie featuring the unlikely cast of Eric Idle, Leo Rossi, Ralph Macchio, Robert Downey Jr., James Hong, Andrea Martin and more.It's so awful I don't even want to describe it in this episode description. Suffice to say we are happy this particular podcast rabbit hole is over with and we can crawl out to face a brand new day.Please rate, review and subscribe to Booth Talk our interview podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/booth-talk/id661036943and you can check out ALL our interviews at www.aftermoviediner.com/interviews
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