35 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

Use your podcast content to write a bestselling book, with Tam Luc

Tam Luc helps entrepreneurs create a bestselling book super fast and use it as a tool to help them make more sales (no matter what they sell). That immediately sparked my interest as an amazing way to repurpose your podcast content! 

In this episode of The Podcast Babes Podcast, I asked Tam how you can use a book to make more sales in your business, how to use podcasting in that process, and what her best tip is for first time authors. Listen in to learn more!

For full shownotes visit thepodcastbabes.com/podcast

My favorite podcasting tools:
- Hosting: Buzzsprout
- Editing software: Adobe Audition
- Audiograms: Wavve
- Transcription: Otter.ai

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