36 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Podcasting From A Place Of Flow Instead Of Strategy with Melissa Ronda

Before starting a new podcast, most podcasters attempt to plan out every last detail. Sometimes to a fault. That’s not the way Melissa Ronda did it, though.  Since the beginning of her top 15 weight loss podcast, Melissa has had no strategic plan for her show. 

As someone who champions podcast strategy, I was super curious as to how Melissa was able to make it to 200+ episodes with no strategy. Check out today’s episode of The Podcast Babes Podcast to learn how she did it.

For full show notes, visit: www.thepodcastbabes.com/podcast

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My favorite podcasting tools:
- Hosting: Buzzsprout
- Editing software: Adobe Audition
- Audiograms: Wavve
- Transcription: Otter.ai

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