31 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

Podcast Launch Tips From My Launch Twin Kelly Potts

Podcasting is not one-size-fits-all and I love to show you how different podcasters have success with completely different approaches.Kelly Potts is a marketing and mindset coach who happened to launch her podcast on the same day that I did. Other than both launching our shows on October 12, 2020, our launch strategies had nothing in common. While I embodied my “take messy action” advice and jumped in without much of a plan, Kelly took her time and planned everything out to ensure her show would be sustainable over the long haul. Check out today’s episode to get all of the details to Kelly’s launch strategy.For full show notes, visit: thepodcastbabes.com/podcastDownload FREE ebook: 5 ways to monetize your podcastMy favorite podcasting tools:- Hosting: Buzzsprout- Editing software: Adobe Audition- Audiograms: Wavve- Transcription: Otter.ai
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