26 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

How your podcast can help you build a network, with Lucy Liu

A lot of times people want to start a podcast to get clients. For Lucy, it wasn't that. For her, what was important was actually the networking. She has clients who have listened to her podcast, and they feel connected to her, which makes it clear that she’s the right person to work with them. But that's not her priority. 

Lucy’s priority is to serve whoever she's attracted to, whether they become a client or not. Even if they don’t end up working with her, she still changed their lives or made their lives better. I had to ask Lucy how she builds that connection with her listeners and guests and how to make an actual impact with your podcast. Are you curious about her answers? Tune in to this episode of The Podcast Babes Podcast!

For full show notes visit thepodcastbabes.com/podcast

My favorite podcasting tools:
- Hosting: Buzzsprout
- Editing software: Adobe Audition
- Audiograms: Wavve
- Transcription: Otter.ai

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