83 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

Mortal Kombat : Test Your Might

This week on The Pod Charles Cinecast, presented by The Prince Charles Cinema, our hosts Jonathan Foster and Fil Freitas get invited to the mysterious land of Outworld. There they learn that the future of Earth is at stake in an ancient martial arts tournament called MORTAL KOMBAT!You asked for it and we're giving it to you! A wild Anderson has appeared to challenge Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson – It's Paul W.S. Anderson! And he is entering his 1995 fantasy action video game adaption MORTAL KOMBAT in a bout of Anderson vs. Anderson... vs. Anderson. With a cast that goes from perfect to what is you doing, hilarious special effects, a mostly true to its source material story and a soundtrack that just won't quit – it is certainly one of the most iconic video game movies of all-time! But, how does it hold up? Is it a Flawless Victory or a Fatality? Tune in to find out...If you enjoy the podcast, leave a Rating and Review! It really helps us out!As always you can follow the Podcast on http://twitter.com/ThePCCPodcast and http://instagram.com/ThePCCPodcastIf you'd like to Support the Podcast and get Bonus Content, visit: http://patreon.com/ThePCCPodcastSubscribe to our new podcast FRANCHISED via podfollow.com/franchisedThis Podcast is produced by The Prince Charles Cinema and The Breadcrumbs Collective
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