103 minutes | Oct 11th 2020

Sleepaway Camp (w/ Katherine Kamhi)

The Plotaholics Viewers' Choice Halloween is going strong! 

This week we not only have awesome advertised content for you folks featuring an often overlooked 1980s classic slasher film, but we also have an amazing bonus just for you, our loyal listeners!

This week we dive into the 1983 horror cult classic Sleepaway Camp starring Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, and Katherine Kamhi. Felissa Rose plays introverted, emotionally scarred Angela who goes away to camp for the first time. When campers and counselors alike begin to suffer gruesome "accidents" after cruel behaviors, an unlikely culprit is discovered with a shocking secret. 

And as a special bonus today, The Plotaholics get a chance to speak to THE camp counselor from hell. That's right! M-E-G, Meg herself, Katherine Kamhi, joins us to talk all things Sleepaway Camp!

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