57 minutes | May 4, 2021

Top 5 Rock Albums

**Classic Episode Rerelease - spoiler alert DMX makes the conversation**The guys are about to rock out! This episode is all Rock and Roll. The opinions are just opinions and I can almost guarantee that you are not going to agree with some of the things that were said on this podcast. We rate rock albums and break them down into our top 5. Not the top rock “bands” or top rock “songs” but top rock albums! A single collection of songs on one recording. There are a lot of rock albums. This was not an easy task and I could still be swayed on some of my own choices. We each made a list and no album made both list. Whose list do you agree with more?  What are your top 5 rock albums? Check out the podcast and immediately tell a stranger about it. We do it for you and we want as many capable people to enjoy it as possible so spread the news of The Please Wait Podcast. We love you. Hope you enjoy.   Reach out to us on Twitter- @wait_podcast or email us at ThePleaseWaitPodcast@gmail.com
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