15 minutes | Nov 18, 2021

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Going Method For 'Power Of The Dog' & Teases Upcoming ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel [The Discourse]

Benedict Cumberbatch has a real knack for playing unique, oftentimes misunderstood egomaniacs. Whether it’s Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Melrose, Julian Assange, or Khan, the actor finds a way to ground his oftentimes sociopathic characters in a real emotional truth. Enter, Phil Burbank, Cumberbatch's character from the upcoming Netflixfilm, “The Power of the Dog” – and a whole new level of depraved bully that the actor had to find a way to humanize. In this episode of The Discourse, Benedict Cumberbatch talks all about bringing his latest Oscar-worthy performance to life, and by going “method,” no less.

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