5 minutes | May 25, 2018

Silk City

Download HereDescription: Silk City: As basic as they come :-(Find us at: Facebook www.antifmradio.com/facebookTwitter www.twitter.com/antifmradioGoogle+ www.antifmradio.com/googleplusSo Diplo and Mark Ronson recently got together and did a collab changing their name to a little something basic called “Silk City” and released a track. It's called “Only can get better” let me tell you it's pretty bad. I hope things do get better. I've established for myself that its lacking and maybe you will too and in my own words, I'm just going to say “this track is pretty much an ultra-refined watered-down version, of electro house music from the 2000s.” Pretty standard I'm thinking, and the song is pretty basic. Sorry, but I really can't see how these two great minds like Diplo and Mark Ronson got together and produced such a mediocre track I hate to spit fire and flame on someone else's production. They put a lot of time into this. They put a lot of work into this, and put a lot of energy and thought into it. But, what comes out, I'm not really sure that this is the final track. At least I don't think it can be the final track. There has to be an extended Ultra revised 2018 version somewhere, SOMEWHERE, please let it be somewhere, but if you want to listen that kind of thing it's all good. Maybe you're just in that kinda mood and you don't know much about quality music, (Who said that?) Fueling the flames to the fire Mark Ronson and Diplo recently did a new mix for BBC Radio 1 on their Essentials mix. We're going to drop that mix Below in the article and you can take a listen at your leisure Please make sure ot leave a comment about it below. it's pulled off of SoundCloud and we dropped it here for you. It includes mashups of Route 94 is my love Tchami’s remix of Janet Jackson, God's plan by Drake, the ever popular milkshake and a little something from LTD and cardi B. I’ve got to say Cardi B is really the straw that broke the camel's back on this one. I’d proclaim it's the Ring Pop in the mouth, the colored beaded necklace, and weird looking skull type ski mask over the face for a party (quote unquote) rave that really kind of ends this mix for me. This mix starts out mediocre with a mediocre track and it continues on by adding a bunch of artists that really do nothing for the mix. So take a listen below and in the meantime we're going to continue scouting out some really hot mixes for you from our local DJs. By the way this mix is about an hour long and if you get a little bored with it, why don't you just tune into our streams because I'm sure you won't be disappointed.Why?because we don't play cardi B LOL :-)
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