67 minutes | May 13th 2020

Episode 7: The Plague of Worker Expendability with Sabiha Basrai and Ricardo Nuñez

In this episode, we speak with guests Sabiha Basrai and Ricardo Nuñez about the plague of worker expendability in our current economy, and how worker owned-cooperatives are the cure. The coronavirus has only put into starker relief a problem we have always had--that the lives and well-being of many workers are considered disposable by the CEOs and shareholders of their employing corporations. So, how do worker-owned cooperatives give workers shared opportunity, rewarding careers, and the ability to make a living without cutthroat competition with each other? And how, in practical and legal terms, can folks start a cooperative for themselves?

Host and Editor: L.M. Bogad: www.lmbogad.com

Music: Jason Montero https://m.soundcloud.com/jamoja, and by my other friend named Jay

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