55 minutes | Apr 22nd 2019

The Power Of Podcasting with Donnie Boivin

"I tell everybody, you want to figure out what you are made of? Launch your own business. I don't know any other tool, in the world, that will make you grow up, level up, figure yourself out faster than launching your own business.”   - Donnie Boivin On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Donnie Boivine - Success Coach, Podcast Coach, Content Developer, International Speaker and host of the Success Champions Podcast. He’s an expert sales professional and top 200 iTunes podcaster.   Episode Highlights: The difficulties of moving from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset  The benefits of podcasting and interviewing guests The challenges of podcast monetization Using the social proof of being a podcaster to get exposure on 'the big stage' Discovering podcasting for business The accountability of having processes and systems in place The fear of success The power of incremental growth when your next milestone soon becomes your new comfort zone Keep going after failure Evolve your experience, rather than just repeating the same experience year after year Are you a salesperson OR 'just' an order taker Managing sales teams, measuring performance and encouraging competition How a podcast episode can power your content marketing FULL SHOW NOTES Spontaneous Selling 1.0
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