35 minutes | May 15th 2019

The Future Of Business with The Our Shawn McBride

“The key is to know who you are and understand what drives you, what makes you happy and what drives you as a leader.” - The Our Shawn McBride On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina interviewed The Our Shawn McBride is a corporate lawyer licensed in 12 states and Washington, DC and is a CPA licensed in 3 states. He heads The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, a corporate law boutique and McBride For Business, LCC a business strategy firm where he is often called upon to speak or consult on the future of business. He is the author of Business Blunders which showcases common business mistakes to avoid and three other books. His extensive experience in the sales arena comes from running his multiple businesses and being called upon repeatedly to help sales organizations increase their sales results. Episode Highlights: What consulting on the future of business means and what we should be looking at when creating business plans for the future Some changes or trends that business should be anticipating over the coming years, including block-chain (and what block-chain is) What smaller businesses should be doing to prepare for block-chain technology The importance of looking at the ripple effects of new technology and the disruption it can or will bring Common business mistakes that Shawn has seen and some solutions to the mistakes, including some LLC setup blunders Should you setup your business as an S-Corp or LLC? Partnership Agreements and the 4 D’s (death, disability, divorce or disagreement) Shawn says you should always run through before going into a partnership How Shawn does it ALL, his system and processes and how inter-connectivity aids him in his day-to-day business activities FULL SHOWNOTES
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