54 minutes | Mar 20, 2019

081: Eliminating Sales Mis-Information with Jeffrey Gitomer & Jennifer Gluckow

 “There's no prize for 2nd place in sales - it's win or lose, sell or die.” - Jeffrey Gitomer On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed the King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow, speaker, trainer and writer on all things sales. Buckle up for this ride with Jeffrey and Jennifer – truly one of the funnest podcasts Gina has recorded to date and they did it live in the Sell Or Die Podcast studio in Charlotte. Podcast Topics Include: The problems of sales mis-information Learning presentation skills by singing karaoke in bars Why discovering your customers 'pain' isn't a great place to start Building rapport in sales conversations Modern sales training to reflect the realities of our modern world Sales lessons experienced at a Bruce Springsteen concert Are you friends with your top customers? Politically correct vs conversational - don't forget to be friendly or human! Using positive language and humor to build a relationship and get past the gatekeepers Creating trust and the experience to help people buy Learn how to be creative on the spot rather than memorize a script Let's all highlight how to succeed rather than how to fail The benefits of interviewing as a strategy to gain access to decision makers FULL SHOW NOTES  
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