82 minutes | Sep 19th 2018

076: Curiosity, Communications & Competitors = Cash

“If you’re curious, you’re a good sales person.” - Brandon Bruce On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Brandon Bruce, COO & Co-Founder of Cirrus Insight, a plugin for Gmail and Outlook salespeople. Bruce grew up in a tiny California town of 800 people where he only had one classmate at a school using outhouses as their bathroom. He went from those humble beginnings to co-founding and growing Cirrus Insight to $12 million in revenue and #41 on the Inc. 500 (after a six-year rollercoaster of success and setbacks). Podcast Topics Include: Brandon’s humble beginnings, his “hero story”, and how he went from small town kid to entrepreneur and pivotal leader The story behind Cirrus Insight startup and taking it from idea to implementation, including Brandon’s six-year roller coaster of success and setbacks Today’s selling environment and using the right communication medium to connect with customers Goal setting strategies for attending conferences and maximizing opportunities Angel investors: how Cirrus Insight got funded On becoming an Inc 5000 Ranked Business Why Brandon thinks curiosity is an important trait of a good salesperson Using improv to move forward with innovation in technology Why competitors can make good mentors and can be great to turn to for support Brandon's favorite books FULL SHOW NOTES
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