46 minutes | Jul 30th 2018

069: “Survivor-preneurship” and Shifting Toxic Cultures

“Everyone’s got an idea but not everyone has balls to bring it to market.” – Paul Szyarto On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Paul Szyarto, a globally recognized expert in entrepreneurship, business leadership and self-defense. He is highly sought-after for his executive coaching and business leadership training. Known for applying the principles of Krav Maga – the Israeli self-defense system – into everyday business and life scenarios, Szyarto has trained hundreds of law enforcement professionals and groups of NFL players, in addition to business executives and entrepreneurs. He’s also co-founder of the VMMA Fitness franchise. Podcast Topics Include: Paul’s VMAA strategy on martial arts and when VMMA started Turning your hobby into a scalable business Paul explains true entrepreneurship and “survivor-preneurship” Never Broke(n) Paul’s new book on lessons of entrepreneurship and survival Stress Management - Paul talks about one of the greatest lessons on how being adaptable can get you through any situation Paul shares advice to shift a stagnant or toxic organizational culture What to do when there is no one to change poor leadership Motivating and engaging your talent and understanding your talent needs Best practices to ensure being the best possible leader you can be Being a leader and CEO - Paul discusses support and mentorship he needs FULL SHOW NOTES
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