46 minutes | Jul 29th 2018

068: Raising Capital To Get A Business Off The Ground

“It’s important to take risks, as a business leader, as an entrepreneur. This business was a huge risk from day one.” - Alex Danza Imagine a better way to interstate business travel on a luxury motor coach that offers only 22 comfortable leather seats and amenities such as, steward service, noise-canceling headphones, WiFi, satellite television and an onboard conference room! On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Alex Danza, founder and CEO of Vonlane luxury motor coach service that he founded in 2014 to give Texas travelers an alternative to the delays and interruptions that accompany short-haul flights and the hassles of driving one’s own vehicle. Starting with routes between Dallas and Austin, Alex has expanded the company’s reach, and now the five biggest cities in the Texas Triangle are completely accessible on Vonlane with plans for expanding out of Texas. Alex also is the 2017 recipient of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award in the Southwest region in the category of Emerging Retail and Consumer Products. Podcast Topics Include: Alex describes Vonlane – “it’s like a private jet on the ground” How personalized and proceduralized training is the key to creating an amazing customer experience Recruiting employees and referrals and how to get top talent in the door Making gut decisions, taking risks to progress and innovate Spending advertising dollars as a startup Scaling and growing: identifying prospects and keeping the model pristine Raising capital to get a business venture off the ground Suggested strategies for CEOs seek help and guidance for leadership and as an entrepreneur Favorite books: Good to Great Full Show Notes
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