56 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

Jaime Zollars – Write for your illustrations

Children's book author-illustrator Jaime Zollars discusses writing for your illustrations and her picture book THE TRUTH ABOUT DRAGONS. Jaime Zollars is an author-illustrator who is inspired by fairy tales, Flemish painters, and flea-market photographs. She sees herself as an illustrator first and has built her career around illustrating children's books and book covers, among other things.    THE TRUTH ABOUT DRAGONS is a fascinating picture book about the anxiety and excitement of a new experience, represented by a castle full of dragons that aren't quite what they seem. Learn more about: The book: The Truth About Dragons* The author-illustrator: Jaime Zollars The giveaway: Deadline – Monday, October 12, 2020 Listen to more: Author-illustrator Interview Episodes  
 *Bookshop affiliate link You can buy this book online, support the podcast and local bookstores at Picturebooking's Bookshop. 
 Discover more at picturebooking.com/jaime-zollars-the-truth-about-dragons.
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