41 minutes | Aug 23rd 2020

This Week In History 8-23 to 8-29

Award-winning young adult author Chad Alan Gibbs joins the show to discuss this week in history! Check out Chad’s work at www.chadalangibbs.com 8/23-8/29 Topics covered: The Human Fish / Stockholm Syndrome and Patty Hearst / William Wallace and Braveheart / RCA Indian Head Test Pattern / Old Wives Tales / Louis XVI / Pete Rose / Mount Vesuvius Pompeii Eruption and the Masturbating Man / Ray Caldwell / Alfred Eisenstaedt / Steve Guttenberg / Moonlight Graham and Field of Dreams / The Wizard of Oz and the Munchkins / The Berlin Wall / Friedrich Nietzsche / Women’s Suffrage and the 19th Amendment / Invention of the Hot Air Balloon / Ted Knight / President Lyndon Baines Johnson / Anglo Zanzibar War / Brannock Device / Worcestershire Sauce / Charlie McCarthy / Charles Spooner and Spoonerisms / US Bureau of Engraving and Printing