20 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

#24. Quid Pro Quo & Disappointing Relationships

Quite often, we get mad at others for reasons that are out of their control. In our minds the problem is that they didn’t meet our expectations. However, the source of the frustration isn't the reality of things happening or not. It's actually that reality doesn't match up with our expectations. This can cause unhealthy relationships both at work and with your family.  Today we are going to discuss how harmful conditional love sets you up for disappointment with your co-workers and family. Instead, I want you to choose to love unconditionally and appreciate the people in your life. Also, if you want to learn more about how to control your feelings in and outside of your job, I am hosting a webinar titled Physician Burnout: 3 Essential Concepts to Finding Freedom on 4 upcoming dates starting February 16. Seats are limited to sign up now! If you can’t make it we will send you the replay. Sign up today: https://thephysicianphilosopher.com/Webinar
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