75 minutes | Feb 27, 2020

Vanity Fair, Best Lens for Street, and Photographer's SEO

Adam and Dan go deep into key subjects this week, including "How Close is Too Close" sparked by Fuji dropping a brand ambassador for breaking this protocol, as well as what Focal Length is good for Street Photography and – for those of a more commercial perspective – a beginners guide to SEO for Photographers. Oh, and there's a fart joke in the outtakes! # News Items * Is Vanity Fair still a thing? Adam is amazed to discover it is, but in any case the exhibition of its past is well worth * 8.25 - Dan's Event Suggestions * 23.15 – Adam's reviews a drone that can land on water and we talk about the partial ban on Chinese drones in the US * 34.40 – Tatsuo Suzuki dropped for getting too close ([PetaPixel](http://https://petapixel.com/2020/02/08/fujifilm-drops-ambassador-after-his-street-shooting-style-sparks-outcry/)) # Creative Section * 45:10 - Best Focal Length for Street Photography # Pro Advice * 54:20 - SEO for Photographers
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