44 minutes | Jan 17, 2020

Under the Influencers

Dan M Lee is back and, after we cover all the news from CES (yes, sorry, a bit of gear-chat), we get right into one of the hot topics of the day – can we trust online reviews? In the meat of the show, we learn what Dan has been doing since his last appearance on the show, discuss ideas to keep creative in the new year, and ways professionals (and aspiring professionals) can make their workflow more efficient. We also get to find out what's happened to Dan's knee, and whether he upset any crime syncicates. ## Links [That DJI Influencers article](https://mediakix.com/blog/how-dji-markets-with-top-youtubers-for-drone-release/) (intersting to learn about things from the company's perspective). ## Dan [Dan M Lee](https://www.danmleephotography.com) [Dan on Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/danmleephotography/) [Creative Photography: The Professional Edge book](https://amzn.to/30xCGhP) ## Adam [Adam on Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/juniperific/?hl=en) ##About us ([on the site](https://notthegear.com/about/)) Which will probably be finished soon. Honest.
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