39 minutes | Aug 24, 2018

Ep 4 - Drones

In our pilot, Adam interviewed Tanya about her latest work; this time the tables are turned as Tanya finds out all about Adam's latest project, the book [The Complete Guide to Drones 2nd Edition](http://www.am-redirect.com/link.php?&usasin=1577151682&gbasin=178157538X&usid=ilexinstant-20&gbid=task-21&keywords=Adam%20juniper%20drone). Before that, in the news we look at: 1. Whether Juergen Teller's Rihanna shoot was cultural appropriation, simple copying, or actuially fine? We're not—entirely—afraid of the big issues. We also wonder why it took so long for English-speakers to raise their eyebrows/tweet-brows. 2. Photographer Marie Hyld's intamacy project (is she subverting the Tinder-meeting culture or just getting very close to strangers very fast?) 3. How to profit from an Instagram-led Zombie Apocalypse.
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