77 minutes | Jan 9, 2020

Face of the FANchise w/ Terry Bradshaw and Big Nasty

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For years now, Keith Kunzig, aka Big Nasty, has been the Face of the Buccaneer Fandom, and now he is a finalist for the Ford's Hall of Fans.  In this episode, we sit down with Big Nasty to find out where this whole persona came from, how its grown into what it is today, and how Keith is using this persona to better not only the Tampa Bay community, but communities all over the US.  And just to puncuate how important this honor is, we also get to talk with 4x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Super Bowl MVP, host on Fox Sports, Terry Bradshaw about the Ford Hall of Fans and what it could mean for everyone involved.


We hope you will join us in seeing that Big Nasty absolutely deserves to be this year's winner and will head to FordHallofFans.com/football and cast your vote for Big Nasty, EVERYDAY from now until January 27th.  



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