21 minutes | Jun 28th 2020

PGS 176: Copywriting Templates Made Easy

Everyone wants to write better copy faster. And templates can help. However, most fill-in-the-blank templates are rigid and hard to adapt. So on today’s show I make it easy. I reveal a simple process to create your own copy templates. And even though on the show we talk about creating an email auto-responder template, so your emails connect, persuade and ultimately sell… this process lets you create templates for all kinds of copy pieces. And unlike fill-in-the-blank templates that are one-size-fits-all, the process I reveal lets you create copy templates that are uniquely suited to you and your business. Listen in and discover… The critical flaw of most copywriting templates and why you should do this one thing instead… this way you create winning templates that are uniquely yours  2 simply questions that give you the backbone template of any copy piece… lets you write better copy faster  The winning elements of a successful email auto-responder series… this ensures your list gets to know, like and trust you and ultimately buy from you  How to create riveting back-stories that instantly hook your reader… see the one thing all strategic back-stories MUST contain to be effective  And plenty more packed into this brief and fast-paced show Press the play button above. Enjoy! Cheers, Pete Godfrey Wizard of Words P.S. To continue the conversation with me, join my Facebook group that supports this show. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeteGodfreyShow
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