14 minutes | Jun 3rd 2019

PGS 167: Persuasion Lessons From the Aussie Election

Australia recently had a federal election. It was an emotional election on many levels with emotions running on high (a perfect time to observe and record what’s going down and how people think and act). On today’s show, I reveal two big persuasion lessons I observed from the recent election. Listen in and discover… What caused such heated debates over this election? The answer may surprise and enlighten you A quote from George Bush gives us a great reminder of what’s really important… if you haven’t got this straight it really doesn’t matter who wins an election The only time persuasion works… yet most people do the exact opposite and wonder why folks don’t want to hear their words of wisdom Why no one ever wins an argument… and what you should do instead PLUS plenty more. Press the play button above. Enjoy! Cheers, Pete Godfrey Wizard of Words P.S. To continue the conversation with me, join my facebook group that supports this show. Just make sure you answer the one simple question when prompted… otherwise you won’t get in. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeteGodfreyShow
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