20 minutes | Apr 2nd 2019

PGS 162: The Godfather’s Charisma Secret That Builds Loyalty & Devotion

The movie The Godfather is one of my favourite movies with many persuasion lessons on offer. Old Vito Corleone had a lot of power. Many believe his power came from his ability to use extreme violence. And while this is true to some extent, it’s only a part of the story. That’s because Vito understood human psychology. He cultivated a simple behaviour that built his influence and power and that insured loyalty and devotion. And it had nothing to do with threats, violence or intimidation. On this week’s show you’ll discover what this simple behaviour is, and how to use it so you build your authority, influence and power. Listen in and discover… The one kind of bank you can really bank on… pays great interest too Vito Corleone’s famous quote that reaps big rewards… patience is the key with this one How to apply the Godfather’s charisma secret that builds loyalty and devotion… simple to do yet highly effective And way too much to mention. Press the play button above. Enjoy! Cheers, Pete Godfrey Wizard of Words P.S. To continue the conversation with me, make sure to join my facebook group that supports this show. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeteGodfreyShow
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