20 minutes | Mar 21st 2019

PGS 161: Wizard on Wealth

One segment of my former newsletter was a real favourite with my subscribers, and that was my Wizard on Wealth series. This is where I talked about the habits, thoughts and behaviours that make a successful life… and also, all those nasty things that can derail us and what we can do to defeat them. Like a Wizard peering into a crystal ball, you too can accurately predict your future earnings. Your actions, thoughts and behaviours of today determine what you reap in the future. So on today’s show, I share 3 Wizard on Wealth nuggets that became popular… You’ll discover… Take this attitude to boost your finances… it’s a hard-line approach but thoroughly worth it if you want to accumulate wealth A simple ritual that almost guarantees you make more money… this is a fundamental success secret to use in all areas of your life, not just wealth accumulation 3 synergistic traits that work together to attract money into your life… do not ignore even one of them… their power comes from working together… this creates an unstoppable wealth attraction force in your life And way too much to mention. Press the play button above. Enjoy! Cheers, Pete Godfrey Wizard of Words P.S. To continue the conversation with me, make sure to join my Facebook group that supports this show. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeteGodfreyShow
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