18 minutes | Mar 4th 2019

PGS 159: 4 Critical Areas to Focus on to Turn One Time Customers Into Life Long Members (Part 1)

Last week, we talked about different elements to include in your membership to make it stick. This week, I give you the 4 critical areas in membership marketing to focus on. Stick to these four areas and develop strategies to meet these objectives to give your membership group the best chance of success. (No more hit and miss.) Anyway, this is an important subject. So I’ve split this one up into two shows. Part two is next week. For now, listen in and discover… The 4 critical areas to focus on to make more money and to have happier members… each area is linked and forms a solid, almost unbreakable chain An important, yet overlooked fact about free trials to your membership… ignore this fact at your peril (yet many do with disastrous results) How to make your new members feel special and more likely to stay… so easy to do yet so few do it Embrace your uniqueness to build your own tribe of raving fans … this is the ultimate connection secret, and creates a real bond between you and your members And way too much to mention. Press the play button above. Enjoy! Cheers, Pete Godfrey Wizard of Words P.S. To continue the conversation with me, make sure to join my Facebook group that supports this show. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeteGodfreyShow
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